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ba1846-206-feat-thumbnail.png ba1375-206-feat-thumbnail.png ba1333-445-feat-thumbnail.png ba563-333-feat-thumbnail.png
3/4 Length Baseball Tee BA1846 2 Color Short Sleeve BA1375 2-3 Color Short Sleeve BA1333 3 Color Short Sleeve BA563
ba5500-tor568-feat-thumbnail.png ba5200-002-feat-thumbnail.png ba1890-206-feat-thumbnail.png ba1875-206-feat-thumbnail.png
Full Button - Pro Cut BA5500 Full Button BA5200 Full Button BA1890 Full Button BA1875
ba1812-002-feat-thumbnail.png ba1344-206-feat-thumbnail.png ba1763-445-feat-thumbnail.png ba1745-206-feat-thumbnail.png
Full Button BA1812 Two Button BA1344 One Button BA1763 One Button BA1745
bas1300-002-feat-thumbnail.png -6005-060-thumnbnail.jpg    
Short BAS1300 Sock BA90/6005-6007    




Let Silver Eye Apparel outfit your team this upcoming baseball season. 

Whether you're looking for something basic or something with a pro look and feel, we can look after it. 

Jerseys, Hats, Hoodies, Socks, Pants...we can get you set up for the season!

To take a look at some great baseball jersey and apparel options, check out:

Athletic Knit


Augusta Sportwear

Check things out and contact us for a quote to make your vision a reality!